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A Proven Fighter for New York

Dorey Houle for New York State Senate 42nd District

Help Bring Common Sense To Albany

I’m Dorey Houle. For the last 6 years I’ve been serving the residents of the Village and Town of Monroe, while raising 5 children with my husband, a recently retired NYPD officer. It’s not been an easy task, especially in a state where the cost of living is so high, it has become increasingly difficult to put food on the table. Everyday more New Yorkers leave the state to find a more affordable and safer place to raise their families. Even though public safety and the cost of living in NY is still a huge issue, our State leaders have done little to help.

What have our State leaders been doing? They’ve been enjoying their new pay raise, creating new laws that will force lithium dependent, full electrification on property owners, and amending election laws forcing local elections to coincide with presidential and gubernatorial elections. They’re struggling to reign in control over the poorly planned, premature marijuana laws, all while slowly trying to clean up the mess they made as a result of the criminal justice reform.

Our State leaders have lost touch with the people they represent. Crime, drug use, and overdoses continue to soar; our State roads are becoming dangerous due to lack of maintenance; all problems that our State leaders consistently ignore. We’ve come so far away from Lincoln’s government of the people, by the people, for the people that the people are fed up.

I’m Dorey Houle. And I will be your next State senator!

Our state leaders have lost touch with the people they represent.

“We Can Win. You Can Help.”

Dorey Houle

A Proven Fighter for New York

Dear Friends,

I am Dorey Houle, and I am proud to have led a grassroots campaign for the New York State Senate just under a year ago. In those final moments before midnight, victory was within our grasp. With all but one town reporting, I held a 2.5-point lead against my well-funded incumbent opponent. However, fate had other plans, and that last town’s results shifted the outcome, leaving me with a narrow loss, only a little over 1,000 votes away from triumph.

But let me share something remarkable with you. Despite having only five months to prepare and a modest budget of $50,000, our campaign proved to be a formidable force.

This year, your state leaders have allocated a staggering $25 million of taxpayer money to subsidize political campaigns for statewide elections. Your hard-earned dollars will be used to match the funds raised by incumbents and challengers at a rate as high as 12 to 1! For every $50 donated by an individual within the candidate’s district, the State of New York will contribute $600. In the case of the NYS Senate, the maximum state contribution can reach $375,000.

Now, picture this: we ran an intense, hard-fought campaign on a shoestring budget of $50,000. Just imagine what we could achieve with $375,000!

The dedicated team at Friends of Dorey Houle and I are ready to fight for the betterment of all New York residents. However, we cannot do it alone. We need your support.

Every donation counts. For as little as $5, you can help us cover the costs of impactful newspaper ads. With a contribution of $50, we can invest in eye-catching digital billboards. A donation of $100 will enable us to reach a wider audience through compelling radio and digital advertisements. And if you can spare $250, we can ensure that every registered voter in Orange County hears our message loud and clear.

Together, we have the power to stand up against special interests in Albany and prioritize the needs of Orange County. I am immensely grateful for your support, and I promise to fight tirelessly to protect the aspects that make our community special: open spaces, safe neighborhoods, and quality education.

Join our movement today by making a contribution. Together, we can create a brighter future for all of New York.

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Join us in bringing COMMON SENSE to Albany

Dorey Houle

Dorey comes from a legacy of public service, being the daughter of a FDNY Lieutenant, andthe wife of a retired NYPD officer.

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